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The easiest and safest way to remove manhole covers and grates at a cost-effective price.

Quality - All our tools are 100% Made in the U.S.A. Forged from only the highest grade U.S. virgin steel. Precision engineered to exacting standards. Finished, modified, double insulated and tested to far exceed F1505 dialectric certification standards.


Your best partner Our mission is to become your best partner worldwide within the field of fiber blowing machines and accessories. In order to do this, we work towards three specific goals: High quality products and service with short delivery times and at competitive prices.When our customers choose a Fremco machine, they choose a positive contribution to their own business.Innovative product development based on the needs of our customers.


Your Source for International Hydraulic Components since 1989IC-Fluid Power is a global hydraulic component sourcing company founded to provide easy access to high-quality, European/German hydraulic technology, components and solutions.

A leading manufacturer of Pipeline Markers, Utility Signs and Marker Posts with over 25 years of experience in identifying and marking buried utilities such as; Gas, Oil, Telecom, Electric, Water and Sewer. ProMark also manufactures Boundary Markers, Trail Markers and Signs. In addition to Utility Markers, ProMark manufactures a complete line of Cathodic Protection Test Stations and accessories. Products are made from formulated engineered resins to perform in harsh weather conditions to identify, prevent damage and dangerous accidents. ProMark products are available through distributors worldwide. For more information please contact us.


We research and develop products to make jobs safer and easier for electric utility workers.


Schonstedt is a leader in manufacturing and the distribution of precision instruments that locate underground objects. Schonstedt Magnetic Locators detect ferrous metal objects. Pipe & Cable Locators trace and detect underground utilities.


RESTORE-LITE®/When a power outage occurs, leaving customers without electricity, a single technician can restore power in a timely manner with SNC’s temporary power restoration device, RESTORE-LITE®. Small and lightweight, RESTORE-LITE® restores meterable power to a single home or business within minutes, allowing a cable technician or lineperson to schedule permanent repairs at a more convenient...


Welcome to Travis Pattern Utility Grounding Division

We specialize in Ground Clamps, Grounding Components, Utility Tools, and Hot Stick Assemblies. Our Aluminum and Bronze parts are casted, machined, and assembled right in house. Producing high quality US manufactured parts with shorter lead times


The Wire Wrangler EX preps underground cable for Elbows, T-Body and splice work from 2" insulation exposure to 5-1/2"+ insulation exposure all in one process! The WWEX Kit allows use of the tool with or without the extension piece. Use it with out for all your standard elbows or terminations with 3-3/4" of insulation exposure or less. Use with the extension piece on for longer T-Body terminations or longer splice work. The Wire Wrangler Speed Stripping Tools complete these steps all in one push with your cordless drill! Set it up once for your cable and run w/o resetting the tool!

1. Remove the insulation from the conductor
2. Pre-scores the Semicon
3. Completes square cuts at base of conductor & end of semi-con score for clean removal.

The Wire Wrangler is:
SAFER - No exposed blades - ergonomic - no repetitive motion injuries
FASTER - Driven by a 1/2" drill, only seconds to complete the process, insulation removal, pre-scores semi-con and completes square cuts.
PRECISE - Same clean, precise cut every time. No resetting of the tool for each termination while using same size cable.
*Easily swap out cable adapters to change cable sizes and adjust insulation blade depth and semi-con

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